12 Books to Read Challenge


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ReadingI was on a site the other day and stumbled upon a list of 12 books to read in 2015. I thought it was going to be about new books or some classics everyone should read. But it wasn’t.  It was a different kind of list – a list of books that we all have in us: the book we’ve meant to read, something out of our typical genre preference, something new, and so on.  So I had to save the list and create my own because, well… I love books and I love being challenged to read books!   So here’s my list below.  What would your list be? Continue reading


Everyone Makes a Comeback


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New StartYep… I think it’s gonna happen for real this time.  Or that’s my plan. 😉 I always have these grand plans, and they usually go however they wish, not how I want them to go. But I’ll really try to keep this as I plan. And that plan is to write regularly here.  To purge some of my other blogs and just focus on a couple of them.  Continue reading

Just Letting Go…


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Letting go

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You know, sometimes we go through these events in life that really show us who we are and who are loved ones are.  Recently, I’ve experienced one of those events.  Actually, it’s still kind of carrying on but that’s a whole different story.  Now, this specific situation turned quite ugly between a few us, unfortunately.  Resulted in some lost friendships.  It also rekindled some friendships, too. This is the funny thing about life.  When the people in our life have served their purpose or we’ve served in theirs, they end up no longer being there.  Generally, we don’t want this with our friends, and if it’s got to come to an end, we don’t want it to be an ugly end.  However, it’s just unavoidable at times.  And I’ve realized this.  This situation involved someone who knew my whole family and some friends. No one really was guiltless.  Things could have been handled better. But it is what it is.  Shit happened. Can’t be changed or undone.  And for me, at least, I really don’t want it any other way than it ended.  No harm or ill will to the lost friend actually.  However, there’s just that moment when you know it’s not good for each other to be in each other’s lives any longer.  And I knew we were at that point.  There had just been no reason to end the friendship, though, until the events unfolded. And then EVERYTHING unfolded… and folded… and unfolded again off and on for a few days solid almost. Now, this situation had and still had many variable and offshoots to the entire charade.  Continue reading

Concept of Unity


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Soul mates

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In the last couple weeks, I’ve had this reoccurring topic appear in my life.  This topic has appeared in conversation with friends and strangers. It has appeared in topics of discussion on Facebook and groups I regularly visit.  This topic almost haunts me in a positive way.  This topic is the idea of soul mates or twin flames.  Continue reading

Obsession #35481


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Oradour sur Glane siteEveryone has hobbies and passions that get them through life. Sometimes it’s nail polish; sometimes it’s genealogy; sometimes it’s writing. And sometimes… it’s the past. I love reading and studying about history and all aspects of history, too. One of my favorite things I love is the lifestyle between 1920s to 1940s.

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Thanks WordPress! 2012 in Review


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Every year, WordPress gives all WordPress.com bloggers a Year in Review to show growth, statistics, and other bits of fun facts for the blogger. And every year, I’m always amused and amazed at the things I find out from these reviews.  So here the review of 2012 from WordPress.com!  Can’t wait to see what 2013 brings for the blog!

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