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I’m not one for resolutions.  Resolutions are for bad habits you want to kick in the butt, in my opinion.  But today, in reading all the statuses and blogs I follow about New Years and resolutions I found one amazing blog post from a brilliant man in the freelance business.  Chris Brogan said:

Every year since around 2006, I’ve been challenging people to forego the idea of a resolution, and instead, to come up with 3 words that will help you define your goals and experiences for the coming year.

He expanded his idea of just three words to explaining those three words thanks to a post he read over at Fitarella.

So all day, I’ve sat about thinking of my three words and what they would be.  And I think I’ve figured them out.  So here goes:

Temple – Yes, I know Brogan had ‘temple’ also but it’s true for me, too.  For me, temple means getting a grasp on my spiritual side again; taking care of my body best possible where I will continue with my personal training and try to regularly include yoga and other avenues into my gift to my body; and strengthening my mind in various ways.

Language – I live in a foreign country that I feel at home in.  The plan is to live here permanently.  While I’ve been poking at the language, this year I will grab it by the horns and own it.  But I will also do the same with my mother tongue with my writing desires.  This year is about words – the written and the learned.  So bring on the Serbian lessons and bring on the writing goals and challenges I know I will face.

Balance – Something I’m horrible at – even sometimes with the physical balance of standing upright. I can be a bit clumsy.  But I’m really referring to balancing my life and my goals. Balancing my time for work and play.  Balancing my mind and body and not working against either of them.  Balancing my beliefs that I used to feel were at war internally at times and recently realized they were more in-tuned than I knew – and now truly finding a balance between all facets of my life.

So I think I know where my year will lead me.  Where will yours lead you?  What are your three words for 2012?