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Illustration in Carmilla, Joseph Sheridan Le F...For those that know me personally, I love vampires.  Though love is not a strong enough word.  Much of my fiction is based around vampires.  A select few special people have had a glimpse at a fiction novel I’ve started that will be an adult fiction novel.  And so far – good things have been said even though I’ve been absolutely worried about it.  Time to breathe and relax and continue writing – something I want to make sure I do more regularly.  (Goes back to my lack of time management I mentioned in the previous post.)

But the main point of this post is to ask you what myth and lore subjects are you drawn to.  Do you love vampires? werewolves? sorcery and magic? something else? And if you love vampires, I want to know what you like and don’t like about most books (and movies I guess) about vampires.  Please fill this post with thoughts and opinions!!

PS: Don’t worry – vampires won’t sparkle in my novels.